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iMaxSOFT is a technology service company. Our services include relational database configuration and performance, legacy application modernization, and Linux operating system consulting.

iMaxSOFT  - Legacy data structures migration. We help customers to transform legacy applications' data structures to relational database. Relational database structure is the most adopted data structure in almost all industries. Relational database is easy to maintain, has broader knowledge talent pool, and provides standard SQL language for data access.

iMaxSOFT  - Legacy operating system migration. We help customers to migrate applications from legacy operating systems HP-UX and HP3000 to Linux and IBM/AIX. Obsoleted operating systems migration is a must in order to maintaining long-term maintainable applications. OS independent is very important for applications' development and migration. Therefore, how to transform an application from one OS to another has major long-term impacts to all business.

iMaxSOFT  - Language transformation. We help customers to transform applications from one language to another and cross platforms. Our supported languages are COBOL, FORTRAN, C/C++, PL/SQL, PHP and HTML. Language transformation involves a straight-forward syntactical translation and a more involved semantical translation. Modularization and shared libraries are highly recommended for application development. A thorough in-code documentation procedure needs to be strongly enforced and standardized for ease of on-going maintenance.

iMaxSOFT  - Supported Databases: ORACLE • AIX/DB2 • MySQL • ALLBASE • IMAGE/3000

iMaxSOFT  - Supported OS:  IBM/AIX • Windows • RedHat • Ubuntu • CentOS • Mint • HP-UX • HP3000

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