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iMaxSOFT is a technology service company. Our services include relational database configuration and performance, legacy application modernization, and Linux operating system consulting.


iMaxSOFT was founded in 1984 at Cupertino, California USA. We have been developing enterprise relational database administration tools over 35+ years. Our tools support varieties of relational database technologies, ORACLE, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc., on many industry strength platforms, IBM AIX, Windows, RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Mint, HPUX, etc.

iMaxSOFT provides cloud-based solutions for management to promptly perform data growth and storage usage analysis anytime anywhere. Data sources are the most crucial assets of an enterprise, so the security aspect of a tool is essential, doesn't access enterprise back-office databases and servers, we provide SQL scripts for authorized personnel to execute these scripts for statistical information gathering which then upload to our cloud center for external authorized users to conduct analysis.

Why do I need iMaxSOFT?

     1. Cost and Accessibility
You can have an industrial strength database statistics analyzer for a drop in the bucket fee. Database historical statistic data are stored in our cloud for you to access 24X7 from anywhere.

     2. Security
The maturity of cloud technology and the speed of internet are the catalysts of the fast-growing trend in off-back-office-server tool development. Today, tools that have high risk of causing data leaks or data damages should not be installed onto your production computing servers. You should do whatever you can to protect the safety of your data, any direct live data access is a potential data hacking target.

     3. Ease-of-Use
Gathering and properly populating database statistical information are time-consuming. Our tool simplifies the process by generating standard SQL scripts for information collection and cloud upload; customizations can be easily applied to our SQL scripts.
Example, sample database creation, we collect needed database structure information and make SQL scripts for you to unload data from one database and load them into a new sample database. In this example you may alter data unload rules by simply editing our pre-gen SQL scripts.

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